Monday, July 12, 2010



Colleagues and friends from Manila will be giving 2-night performances at National Museum Singapore on Friday, July 16 to Saturday, July 17. Particularly try to catch:

Tad ErmitaƱo, the creator of Quartet, the interactive gamelan installation featured during the 2008 Night Festival at ISEA 2008, the pioneering synthesist/composer Malek Lopez and the DJ/MPC virtuoso Caliph8 will improvise music and visuals using networked electronic instruments and computer programs coded by Lopez and Ermitano. The network and the programs give the performers the power to interact in ways that are precise and highly synchronized, while preserving the immediacy and flexibility of improvisation.The performance is loosely based on the motif of Orpheus descending into hell, casting hell as a gritty, distressed southeast-asian city very much like certain parts Manila.

Their performance will be part of the No Bleeding Hearts Club which will take place at the 2nd floor of the National Museum during Singapore's Night Festival. Performances by sound artist Ria Munoz, jazz-punk Radioactive Sago Project, dancer Jose Jay Cruz, and filmmaker Khavn dela Cruz cap the club.

Dates: FRI 16 JUL 2010 - SAT 17 JULY 2010
Venue: National Museum of Singapore, Glass Atrium, Level 2
Time: 10pm – 2am


Be sure to spread the word.


Isabel said...

i managed to catch the ermitano-lopez set at the national museum and really enjoyed it! do you know where i can find their music?

Tengal said...

Glad that you enjoyed it.
Currently no music yet. But Ermitano-Lopez-Caliph8 perform with me in this network computer ensemble of mine, Gangan Ensemble. This was one of the performances we did in Manila last year. Enjoy!