Thursday, December 20, 2007

Year Ender List for 2008

As 2007 careens towards the end of the line, I type away before 2008 bites me in the face.

Shortlist of to do/expect for Tengalization 2008:
(I'll start from the hardest to do to the easiest).

1. Interactive video + sound installation for 4 video channels (with speakers), headphones, turntable + infrared. (Soon to be disclosed).

2. Website and specifics for a NEW and OFFICIAL archival company/label, SABAW (to be registered and patented.)

3. Short film entitled PORNO.

4. Release 5 albums (tentative):

a) Miniaturist Jazz album - Jazz without melodic improvisation, each song composed with 50 notes or less. (Early 2008)
b) Live improvised performance with Malaysian sound artist, Goh Lee Kwang, guitarist/sound engineer genius, Arvie Bartolome and a few surprise guests. (Early 2008)
c) Pinku - J-pop for the 21st century schizoid short-term memory kids.
d) Sequential Boredom Series - Part II of the series I started (Drones for the Bored, released 2006) in 2006.
e) Feet Conjoined Hands - Collaboration recordings that started in 2005 with newly recorded material between Tengal, Pow Martinez (Nun Radar, Nasal Police), Thomas Mcwalter (Conscript). (Mid 2008)
f) Live Improvisations (recorded 2005) - Tengal, Pow Martinez, Inconnu ictu. (Early 2008)

5. SABAW Shows

Gangan Series: Collab show with video art (Tad Ermitano), contemporary dance (Donna Miranda), Sound art, and Shibari, Japanese rope bondage (Shinobi). (Early 2008)

And 3 more concept shows that will soon be revealed.

6. "SUNDAY MASS" - Fringe symposium and performance for the experimental arts every 3rd Tuesday of the month, 9:00pm at Mag:net Katipunan, Quezon City. Hosted by Tengal with guest artist curators.

7. CARACOA: Literary poetry journal by Philippine Literary Arts Council. God only knows why they're planning on publishing some of my "unplayable" graphic scores in their anthology.

And finally,

8. The upcoming SABAW Anthology concept album.

Happy holidays everyone!