Monday, December 31, 2007


Haven't had enough frenzy? NEW MEDIA ARTS MANILA extends your New Year celebration with digital fireworks by offering the second installment of ELECTROSTATIC SOUND CONFERENCE .

The CHILDREN OF CATHODE RAY pays homage to the great experimental film maker, animator and art icon ROX LEE by providing live score to Lizard and Ink, two early works that showcase the lyrical and abrasive sides of the man who has inspired and influenced many of today's contemporary artists. CCR also lays background to some interations of Tad Ermitano's generative video installation /mutation. Pronounced "permutation," the installation featured a probabilistic editing algorithm coded by Ermitano, which creates live variations of the classic narrative. /mutation's videos are the first Philippine videos to be edited by artificial intelligence.

Imported from Canada MAGGOT BREEDER is the long term ongoing musical project of Reuel Ordonez, filipino by birth and now residing in Montreal, Quebec. Utilizing the guitar as the primary sound source, Maggot Breeder creates a dark yet oddly serene soundscape which invokes images of war, conflict, pain, despair and suffering. Video art by Tad Ermitano.

Lirio Salvador, sculptor and luthier whose ornate, chrome-plated instruments are featured on television, displayed in galleries, and played by his group Elemento. Lirio performs along side Jonjie Ayson . (appearance in cooperation with E.X.I.S.T.) Video art by Blums Borres.

Erick Calilan a.k.a. UGONG amuses us with circuit-bent tweaking of custom lunch-box-plastic-toy electronics. (appearance in cooperation with E.X.I.S.T.)

TROJAN WHORES is composed of Pow Martinez and Sam Kiyomarsi. Like Sunn O)) they're feedback worshipers.

ELECTROSTATIC SOUND CONFERENCE II will be on January 2, 8:30 pm at Club Dredd, 2nd floor Gweilos Eastwood. Brought to you by: Globe, Microsoft, Intel, Behringer, Sony Ericsson, Asus, and Pilgrim Visuals. For more infromation call 9287644 or 09153702525 or email Admission is FREE!