Friday, December 14, 2007

Artist-in-Residence program at IAMAS, Japan

Forwarded From: YOSUKE Kawamura

Call for artists
Artist-in-Residence program at IAMAS, Japan
The Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences and the International
Academy of Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS) conducts an Artists-in-Residence
invitational program.
We call for applications once a year. Now we are calling for the next term.
Term: 6 month period between May 1. 2008 and March 31. 2009
1 person
Deadline: December 31. 2007.
Application Requirements
1. Applicants should be either artists or researchers with excellent track records as professionals in the field of media art.
2. Applicants should be able to speak either Japanese or English to the
extent of being able to get by comfortably during their stay in Japan.
3. Applicants should be in good health.
See the detail:
Yosuke Kawamura
center for media culture
IAMAS, institute of advanced media arts and sciences
3-95 ryoke-cho, ogaki city, gifu 503-0014 japan
tel: +81-(0)584-75-6606

Okay, any takers? I can't this time. I still have to finish school. :(