Tuesday, October 27, 2009

RIP MARYANNE AMACHER (February 25, 1943 – October 22, 2009)

Sad sad news for the sonic world!

Maryanne Amacher was known for her installations, which caused listeners to question the nature of sound and the effects it has on the brain. "
She worked extensively with the physiological (not psychoacoustic) phenomenon called otoacoustic emission, in which the ears themselves act as sound generating devices." [Wikipedia.org]

Below is a video clip from the unreleased 2005 short film called Daytrip Maryanne - a collaboration between Maryanne and Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon.

I still listen to your composition TEO! (Sound Characters 2) at the most quiet time at night, lying down, finishing it before sleeping. We shall miss you!