Tuesday, August 17, 2010


MoTA Museum of Transitory art has published an open call for proposals
for artists to participate at Sonica festival.
Please feel free to send this open call to all interested artists or
publish and distribute it via your channels.

Please find the text in the attachment.
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Dear artists, dear friends,
Sonica 2010 is now accepting contributions for its next edition.

* * *Call for Entries* * *
Visual artists, VJs, Video artists, sound producers, audio live acts,
DJs, multimedia artists, theorists, and technicians are invited to
participate at Sonica 2010.

This year, Sonica will take place in October. Sonica is conceived as a
showcase of the yearly program of MoTA Museum of Transitory Art.
Sonica is an experimental festival, which questions ways of
representation, exhibition formats, crossing borders between art and
theory, object and performance and this year specially the virtual and
the real.

With the theme real virtuality, Sonica will start a discussion
regarding the situation of production, representation and funding. To
which extent has the break of virtuality into reality influenced
conditions of production, representation of artworks and artists and
how does it change funding matrixes will be the topics addressed at
MoTA Sea Station residency in the summer, during production
residencies in Ljubljana and at the festival with at the exhibition,
the round tables and artist talks. But most importantly, Sonica will
question how have these transitions affected the content of art
produced in the past years and which alternative models are introduced
by artists and cultural workers.

Each of the invited artists will participate in at least two of the modules:
exhibition/ performance, round table, artist talk/ production/ residency.

Sonica 2010 is currently accepting applications for:
- an exhibition with opening events/ performances, presentations
- tutors for workshops for different age groups, from children to
young professionals
- artworks for outdoor locations in Ljubljana
- live acts and live cinema performances.

Please send your submissions until 1st September 2010.
Please include in your submission:
- a detailed proposal of your project (technical equipment, concept,
budget outline, visual documentation).
- we do not return materials.
- please submit your project to mota.museum@gmail .com (subject:
SONICA APPLICATION 2010) or to this address:

Ro┼żna dolina cesta II/36
1000 Ljubljana

For further information, please contact us at mota.museum@gmail.com.
Feel free to forward this Email to members of your mailing lists as
well!! We look forward to getting your submissions! We look forward to
our future collaboration!


MoTA/ codeep
Rozna dolina cesta II/36
1000 Ljubljana
t +386 40 239 207