Wednesday, September 2, 2009


nika: tengaaaal
how are u
welcome back
how was singapore
how's jerneja?


[In between conversations with Nika, Alexis and I talk]

alexistioseco: musta?
Tengal: yo man
Tengal: okay lang
Tengal: nika just chatted with me
Tengal: though she disappeare
Tengal: d
alexistioseco: haha
alexistioseco: she's there still
Tengal: haha
Tengal: do you both chat to each other while in the same room?!?!
alexistioseco: lol
alexistioseco: no
Tengal: wooshoo
Tengal: i m sure you send links
alexistioseco: email links
Tengal: and little pa-cute messages
alexistioseco: lol
Tengal: heheh
alexistioseco: lol
alexistioseco: gago
Tengal: :)
Tengal: i just bought a laptop and i hate it's battery
alexistioseco: whatkind?
Tengal: toshiba
Tengal: the macbook pro (new one) looks really yummy but cannot afford


7:04 PM
nika: i'm still here
stop ignoring me
me: haha
nika: stop chating with alexis

7:05 PM
me: haha
he was the one who started it!
nika: aha, complaining about having slovenian girlfriends
so how was it?

7:06 PM
was this the longest period you guys spent together?
me: hahaha
yeah sort of

7:07 PM
me: sloveniass
nika: !?!
me: forgot the n
nika: :P
when are u going to europe?
me: this oct 1


Tengal: i just said sloveniASS to nika
Tengal: haha
alexistioseco: lol
Tengal: hahaa
alexistioseco: teka, i have to reply to benedict anderson
alexistioseco: oh diba!
Tengal: hahaha


7:08 PM
me: well i have this gig for F1 hahaha
in singapore
on the 25th
nika: great
me: so i need to work on that -- then maybe from there fly to europe
nika: more sloveniass
me: turkish -- china air... whatever
nika: good
me: what would you use
nah you can afford the expensive first clas ones eh?
nika: whatever is cheaper
yeah right

7:09 PM
me: haha
nika: i fly business all the time
me: wow
very rich lha
nika: na
very rich na
me: haha
when are u in slovenia
what are you doing there

7:10 PM
nika: i leav this thursday

7:11 PM
me: niiice
poor mr. tioseco
he'll be at it with his girls again
haha im kidding :P
nika: hehe
he's so excited that i'm leaving
so nice to me also
me: hehehe

7:12 PM
nika: he just complained
me: haha!
nika: with the saddest voice
'don't be mean, that's a lie'
me: what are you going to do in slovenia
nika: work, study
me: nice
study what!

7:13 PM
nika: i need to catch up for everything i haven't do in last 6 months!
my undergraduate
me: really
nika: have some exams left + thesis
me: so i find a person who's even worse than em
nika: never finished
me: woohoo!
nika: started workin in first year of colleage
me: and i thought i was already wasting too much time in my undergrad
nika: unfortunatelly

7:14 PM
me: okay this gives me more inspiration to finish the damn degree
nika: i wasn't waisting time
i was investing it elsewehere
that was the problem
and little interest
me: hear hear
nika: compared to work
me: what is your degree
molecular biometaphysics?

7:15 PM
nika: journalism = sociology of culture
tengal, i need to leave
me: haha yeah i need to leave to
very late now for this exhibition
nika: dinner with a friend who came to pick us up

7:16 PM
me: okay
nika: (excuses, it's uncomfortable topic and i want to quit chatting to you)
you too
ciao ciao

7:17 PM
me: oepn

These were the last words I ever heard from Nika and Alexis. We both pretty much shut down the computer and left the house for dinner that time. They came home too early while the robbery was taking place. Gunshots were heard around 10 or 11pm.
I arrived around 1 am at their house when I heard the news; and waited until their bodies were taken.