Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Open Call: ASEUM Symposium, Deadline extended until July 8

Extended Open Call for Participants: ASEUM Symposium
Deadline extended until July 8,2009, Wednesday

ASEUM is an international network of new media art practitioners
pushing for cultural, educational, and technological exchange on
emerging new media art practices in South East Asia and Europe.
Initiated by SABAW Media Art Kitchen (Philippines) and Multimedia
Center KIBLA (Slovenia), ASEUM hopes to draw attention to artists,
their work, their perspectives and the complex interrelationships
between technology, art and culture through various symposia,
workshops, and collaborative endeavors.

Discussions on interactive design, networked cultures, the burgeoning
open source software movements, interactivity, data visualization,
bio-technology, DIY electronics, open-source hardware,
computer/electronic music, and sound and video art are among the few
topics that will be tackled by some of the most recognized artists
working on new media art and technology in Europe and Asia.

This year’s symposium is slated to run from July 21-25, 2009 in Manila,
Philippines and is open to all artists, software programmers,
engineers, scientists, students, DIY hobbyists, and art enthusiasts.
The symposium will feature new media artists from Europe and Asia
through a series of interactive sessions, open fora, live audio-video
performances and presentations in top universities and renowned
artist-run spaces in Metro Manila.

*Please note that the hands-on workshop labs on graphical programming
languages Pure Data and DIY sound devices using Arduino can only
accommodate a limited number of participants.

To be considered for participation, please submit a 1-2 paragraph essay
(not more than 300 words) stating your purposes in joining, including
how you can contribute to the symposium given your specialization or
field of work. Please also submit your full contact details along with
the essay on or before July 8, 2009 to or
contact 09209053421.

Complete details regarding symposium venues, speakers, performers,
presentation topics, and program flow available upon request; email

Call for Volunteers: ASEUM Symposium

The ASEUM Secretariat is looking for volunteers to help prepare for and oversee the 5-day event. Anyone is free to join and contribute in whatever way they can, regardless of their specialization or field. We need people to assist us with the following tasks:

· Logistical preparations

· PR relations

· Media planning

· Publicity/promotions for print and web

· Stage management

· Housekeeping

· Other tasks, as the need requires

Join the ASEUM team today and be a part of a growing global network of new media artists and enthusiasts. If interested, contact (+63)917-5191511 and send a short introduction about yourself, stating how you can help, along with your contact details to on or before June 10, 2009.


Complete details regarding symposium venues, speakers, performers, presentation topics, and program flow available upon request; email

ASEUM is sponsored by ASIA-EUROPE FOUNDATION as part of the Follow Up Project (FUP) of the 5th-6th Art Camp New Media and the Mini Summit on New Media Art policy & practice.

Feel free to disseminate this email to interested parties, to blogs, websites, the like.

Thank you for your time.