Monday, March 16, 2009

JAPANOISE versus PINOISE musicians perform and release an anthology album

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Visiting Japanese noise artist, TOSHIYUKI SEIDO will be performing with Caviteno electronic modder/sculptor LIRIO SALVADOR on Sunday, March 22, 6pm @ Kaida Art Gallery in Q.C.
The "exclusively sound art" powerhouse collective, E.X.I.S.T. (Experimentation in Sound Art Tradition), will also be having a soft launch of their compilation album, which was also recorded and produced by Toshiyuki Seido. After listening to the subtle and not-so subtle noise samples on Seido's website, I'm very curious and excited about the album.
Check out their blog for more updated info on the anthology album: E.X.I.S.T.

Masami Akita (MERZBOW) and Toshiyuki Seido on "TRUE ROMANCES"

Seido Toshiyuki -- Graduated from Tama Art University. Seido has been engaged in live sound art performances and industrial music for more than 20 years now. He has collaborated with number of contemporary musicians, ballet dancers and performance artists producing videos and performing live sound art performances in Japan. Seido recently produced audio CD’s entitled ‘Time Aspect 1 (June 2007), ‘Time Aspect 2’ (September 2007), ‘kkiba003-4 Sound work (New Art Laboratory), ‘kkiba-004’, ‘kkiba-003’, and ‘in1994’. The newest is ‘the Manila Golden Noises Album’, a collection of recorded live noises using the city noises of Manila.

Seido’s performance debut in the Philippines was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Manila in 1994. In 2006, a ‘piano-noise’ duo sound art performance with Takumi Ohminami was held at LRI Design Plaza, Makati City and at the College of Music of the University of the Philippines in Diliman in 2007.

In his statement, his sound work “are electronically or physically generated sound, sound from musical instruments and everyday sounds juxtaposed together to create another sound” His act of “making noise” started with complete silence, similar in starting a painting using a blank canvas. His sound installation are arranged sounds as if they are particles to be released into the space or environment”.

At present, Toshiyuki is producing a triple set CD’s with Filipino avant-garde musician group called E.X.I.S.T.


Daee said...

hi!do you still play drums? call me DAEE,i'm a friend.. i did some moaning and chanting and la-la-la with dayuhan, i jammed with them in one of your events, the one that happened in cubao expo with children of the cathode ray and seido..
i'm also interested with seido's grinding sound-collage, just wondering if you can hook me up with him(y.m me @