Tuesday, October 21, 2008


CHOPPA is back on Sunday 26th October bringing you more great improvised music from the Singaporean underground.

This month features we have the great pleasure of presenting the hardest working man in the Manilian underground, composer and multi-disciplinarian Tengal. He will be performing his Gangan Series with two other musicians Lindsay Vickery and Brian O'Reilly and Jerneja Rebernak as orchestrator. Gangan series is an open-ended system/composition that combines the interplay of sound and image (video, etc), and emphasizes the situational potential of live improvisatory performance of video and sound.

Local legend George Chua will be performing live electronics in his first Choppa appearance this year after the Choppa Festival in January. We debut a new group Hotel which is an off shoot of I\D, who are keeping the noise rock flame alive. Lindsay Vickery returns with a live electro/acoustic improvisation set with saxophone and electronics and Brian O'Reilly will debut Shroud Lines, a piece for solo bass, electronics, and moving images.

Tengal (Manila)

TENGAL is a Manila-based interdisciplinary media artist, composer-musician, and filmmaker. He curates and organizes media art projects, has collaborated with various artists, and has performed in various shows in the Philippines and abroad. He attended the Berlinale Talent Campus 2006, in Berlin, Germany; the 5th Asia-Europe Foundation Art Camp: Re-Vision Bangkok | New Media Art and Interactivity, in Thailand; and most recently at Cellsbutton II: Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival, in Indonesia. He founded SABAW Media Art Kitchen – a not-for-profit, artist-run initiative and network platform for all kinds of information and communication carried via modern electronic media focused specially in the region of South East Asia.

George Chua (Singapore)

George Chua is an artist whose sonic art may adopt the form of a performance, installation, or sound recording. He regularly performs solo work and group improvisations in art spaces, alternative spaces and theatres. His work involves a keen interest in the interdisciplinary nature of sound art and its extensive relationships with memory, invisibility, the body, theatre and cinema.

Lindsay Vickery (Australia)

Lindsay Vickery is active as a composer and performer across Europe, the USA and Asia. His music includes works for acoustic and electronic instruments in interactive-electronic, improvised or fully notated settings, ranging from solo pieces to opera and has been commissioned by numerous groups for concert, dance and theatre. He is also a highly regarded performer on reed instruments and electronics, touring as a soloist and with ensembles in many parts of the world.

Brian O'Reilly (USA)

shroud lines

for solo bass, electronics, and moving images.

for Eliane Radigue who taught me the different ways to listen...

The strategic fiction used to produce the structural relations in the work, is the erosion of form. Worn organic connections, self withering mechanisms, leaking detritual pools of acoustic ecosystems, weathered maps, the delicate stuttered buzz and click of insects left vibrating within glass slides, dendirfomic sub-terrain tendrils, and infected water tables.

Brian O'Reilly is the creator of various works for moving images, electronic/noise music, mixed media assemblage, multimedia installation, and is a contrabassist, focusing on the integration of extended playing techniques with electronics treatments.


Comprising of members from I\D, the mammoth noise rock collective, Hotel is its minimal offspring where elements of avant noise, drone and free improvisation are militantly reflected, signaling a return to primal beats and the search of origin. Hotel is Harold Seah, Wei Nan and Ian Woo. Scatter

Please join us on our sonic adventures!

@ Night and Day
139 Selegie Rd from 8pm
Entry is $16 and includes a complimentary drink