Thursday, October 9, 2008

Brief Updates. Squatting. The future.

New site up. - Official site for Fête de la Wasaque, a 2-night festival for adventurous music and related visual art... shows are next week! ["Wasak" is Filipino for "motherfuckingwasted"]
SABAW Media art kitchen is squatting at a friend's webhost (for an indefinite time!)
SABAW site will come up soon! SOON! Target launch is January 2009 for it to be fully functional.
At the moment, we're still cooking things... gathering all the info locally and in south east asia. There's so much data here at the moment, we have to categories, organize, taxonomize, archive, chop up data and upload them until the end of the year! (Looking for volunteers. And time/funding. Clones.)