Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I, Tengal, 23 on 23

How many times in your whole life can you celebrate your birthday with the same number as your age, and as your date of birth? Only once.
Instead of having yet-again yearly lavish, extravagant celebrations of debauchery and drunken revelry; I opted to mark this day instead as a public and personal promise and as a constructive goal for the next 23 months. Last October 9, 2005, I made a list of albums, and promised myself the goal and ambition of creating and producing 20 albums until 2009. However, for the past 3 years, thru varied evolutions on interests, opening opportunities/possibilities, work/school, traveling, tumultuous emotional and personal experiences, and various pathetic reasons to be dormant etc, has kept me 13 albums short. So, I decided to add 3 more albums (so it becomes 23), extended my deadline, and most importantly, to commemorate this “special day and number” also to finish what my former background as a composer and musician had set forth to accomplish.

Therefore, I, Tengal, 23 years of age on the 23rd of July 2008, will complete 23 albums after 23 months. The new deadline is set on June 23, 2010. The albums will be released gradually or sporadically, and will be compiled and re-released simultaneously on July 23, 2010.

Here is the list of the 23 albums (which includes those I have completed, will do, and those currently in production).

(Subtitle, info) / [genre]


1. Tengal - Drones for the Bored (Mga hugong para sa buryong) - (a series of drones for synthesizer, tape and prepared electric fan and mixer) [electro-acoustic, sound art, ambient, minimalist]

2. Tengal - Cinema for the Ear I (Idol: Bida/Kontrabida; 3 days of darkness OST) [soundtracks/film music]

3. Tengal/Conscript/Pow Martinez – feet conjoined hands [noise, improv, electro-acoustic]*

4. Tengal/Pow Martinez/Inconnu ictu: Live improvisation performance: S.A.B.A.W. Fiesta Volume 1: “This space for rent; the most obscure gig in 2005” [noise, electro-acoustic improv, electronic]*

5. V.A.
S.A.B.A.W. Anthology of Electronic, Noise, and Experimental Music 2006 [compilation]

The way of attainment of genius or godhead as the development of the human brain... (EP) [genre-blender, murder jazz, musique concrete, avant rock, plunderphonics]

7. Tengal/Goh Lee Kwang/Arvie Bartolome – (untitled) [free improv, lowercase, sound poetry]*

* currently unreleased


8. Tengal – (untitled) [
miniature musique concrete, lowercase, minimal, glitch]

9. Tengal – Livevil [live, compilation]

10. Tengal – Cinema for the Ear II [soundtracks/film music]

11. Tengal – (untitled; 2nd album for Sequential Boredom Series) [sound art, electro-acoustic, lowercase, onkyo, glitch, compositional avant garde]

12. Tengal – (untitled; final album for Sequential Boredom Series) [field recordings, musique concrete, electro-acoustic, sound art]

13. Tengal – Regurgitating Rabbits [vocal, electronic, verbo-psycho poetry]

14. Tengal – POP MONSTER [plunderphonics, avant pop, lowercase, glitch]

15. Tengal/Arvie – (untitled) [electronica, post-rock, nu-gaze, glitch]

16. EAT TAE – PanRadio (DadadeathtranslatesPOP) [interactive radio play, murder jazz, musique concrete, plunderphonics, field recording, genre-blender music]

17. Happy Sauna [electrogrindcore, noisecore, gabba, idm]

18. V.A. – (untitled) [hiphop]

19. Tengal/Ria Munoz – (untitled) [electronica, lowercase]

20. Tengal/Elemento – (untitled) [noise, E-A improv]

21. Pinku! – Pinku! [jpop, miniature music]

22. Nipples – Crucifucked [miniature music, free noise, free jazz]

23. EAT TAE – Covers [unoriginal music, musique concrete, genre-blender music, plunderphonic]