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11 – 20 AUGUST 2008


Cellsbutton is a way of introducing a new concept and perspective on art and technology to the cultural framework of Indonesia. The festival intends to relate this to both national and international developments within the field of media arts. In HONF perspective, (digital) technologies offer a lot of creative possibilities, in daily life as well as in art and cultural practices. So far, extensive investigations of this potential of technology within Indonesia – and the Yogyakarta context - have been few. Therefore, the objective of the Cellsbutton is to establish connections and interactions between communities, creators and artist with interest in media art.

A second innovative aim is to make a connection between universities with expertise in technology and media artists/theorists who are interested in new media art and technology. Herewith, we try to reinforce the interest in and analysis of technology for the development of artistic production and theory. Cellsbutton provide a platform for workshops, presentations and discussions in the universities and creative communities in Yogyakarta, giving an opportunity of transfer knowledge, researches and collaborative works between participants, officials and audience in an international framework of media art.

As part of the house of natural fiber (HONF) Education Focus Program (EFP), Cellsbutton #02 – We are the CELLS! will gather inter(national) artists, researchers, scientist, theorist or lecturers to share a new concept and perspective on art and technology in 6 universities, 3 creative communities and 2 cultural venues. The participant will collaborate with HONF artists and local Indonesian artists in this festival to do research that will be presented in form of performance, exhibition, presentation or installation. During 10 days in the festival, any audience that interested in making any contribution that is possible for Cellsbutton agenda are mostly welcome. Participants are allowed to interact with the contribution in any forms of activities, involving the organizer as facilitators. The festival itself is organize based on community involving artists as officials.

Cellsbutton #02 - We are the CELLS! will focus on education of aesthetic research in art and technology. Cellsbutton #02 wants to emerge any potential local cultural issues and aspects through the context of technology implementation. Also, Cellsbutton #02 serves as a facilitator in the duration of collaborative working process that will be started by transferring knowledge through research, workshops, meetings, presentations, gatherings and discussions. HONF believe that education is an essential aspect to achieve mutual relations between human and technology. By this perception, Cellsbutton #02 will be formatted to accommodate individual or communities interest on working in media art fields. One important reason is that there are no media courses or media faculties in Indonesia. But in HONF perspective, technology can offer many possibilities for artistic development. Hence we want to make new networking possibilities: between universities with expertise and art schools that can offer the aesthetic context for media art.

Participants :
Miha Horvat (Slovenia)
Alex Schaub (Netherlands)
Franck Ancel (France)
Pavel Sedlak (Czech Republic)
Emma Ota (UK/Japan)
Simon Laroche (Canada)
Deanna Herst (Netherlands)
Leila Abuhilal (UK)
Jan Torpus (Switzerland)
Mo Selle (Singapore)
Rene T A Lysloff (USA)
Craig Walsh (Australia)
Rob van Kranenburg (Netherlands)
No.E (USA)
Tengal (Philippines)
Shaun Gladwell (Australia)
Muid Latif (Malaysia)
Denis Jaromil Rojo (Netherlands/Italy)
Colette TRON (France)
Adam Sharples (UK)

Agung Nugroho Adi (Yogyakarta)
Taufik Obet (Jakarta)
Cokky Turnip (Medan)
Venzha (Yogyakarta)
Pradhono Rakhmono Aji (Yogyakarta)
Irene Agrivina (Yogyakarta)
Erin Citra (Batam)
Irine Stephanie (Bandung)
Julian Abraham (Yogyakarta)
Hendra Brawijaya (Bali)
Budi Adi Nugroho (Bandung)
Andreas Siagian (Yogyakarta)
Adhari Donora (Pekanbaru)
Marcello Vishnoe (Yogyakarta)
Gentur Galih / Vietnam (Yogyakarta)
Aldy Rento / unkl347 (Bandung)
Benny Wicaksono (Surabaya)
Bambang Rahmantyo (Semarang)
JackD2 (Yogyakarta)
ZeTH (Yogyakarta)
Daniel Hiu (Pontianak)
Politeknik Caltex Riau (Pekanbaru)
SMP 5 robot community (Yogyakarta)

Web / Recent works / Screening / Interview :
Usman Haque (UK)
Alex Bradley (UK)
Ztohoven (Czech Republic)
BLENDID (Netherlands)
Dirty Handz (France)
Laurie Rowan (UK)
Simon Laroche (Canada)
Rastasoft GNU/LINUX (Netherlands / Italy)
IAMAS (Japan)
Art Sensitive (France)

DJ’s :
Billy / Embassy (Yogyakarta)
Sonny / Apple Stereo (Surabaya)
Wza / Stereowerk (Yogyakarta)
Rizal / Chronicle Therapy (Jakarta)
Sonny / Energyroom (Yogyakarta)
Adit Smoke / the projector (Surabaya)
Wattu / Chronicle Therapy (Batam)
Jojo / Manifesto (Solo)
Nouva / Manifesto (Solo)
Yance / Chronicle Therapy (Batam)
Reza / Manifesto (Solo)
Yudha / Manifesto (Yogyakarta)
Louvi / Energyroom (Yogyakarta)
Navis / Energyroom (Yogyakarta)
Adhit / Energyroom (Yogyakarta)

MC’s :
Erno / Energyroom (Yogyakarta)
Electrocore (Yogyakarta)
Mr. X (No-where)
XBO (Yogyakarta)

Live PA :
Electrocore (Yogyakarta)
Uncle 303 (Jakarta)
Terror Incognita (Semarang)
Criminal Cat (Surabaya)
Natural Airwave (Bandung)
KreziKultur (Yogyakarta)
Hengki Strawberry (Yogyakarta)
GODMODE (Yogyakarta)
Hello Good Boy (Yogyakarta)
Dubyouth (Yogyakarta)
Midijunkie (Yogyakarta)
Apple stereo (Surabaya)
Monotron Prostitute (Semarang)
MR-T (Surabaya)

VJ’s :
Translatic Lab (Solo)
Chrome-nymph (Bali)
Public space (Surabaya)
Vjnumberone (Yogyakarta)
alami_loopdown (Bandung)
The departure (Yogyakarta)
TribeMotion (Surabaya)
Mo Selle (Singapore)
LosTSisKa visual journey (Solo)
Pinxhoes (Bandung)
The dun’s visual (Yogyakarta)
The Herbal’s (Surabaya)
Video HACK (Surabaya)

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